Amory Award

Any crew members between their 16th and 25th birthdays who have completed a six-day Sail Training Voyage are eligible for an Amory Award. Named after Lord Amory, the founder of the Trust, it is awarded to crew members for giving of their best and proving themselves to be keen and reliable members of the team. At the end of a voyage the Skipper consults the Mate, Watch Officers and Watch Leaders before deciding whether or not to recommend an Amory Award for the crew member to the Project Director. Most years, recipients of an award during the previous season will be invited to put their names forward as candidates for a Tall Ships Race.

Scott Award

Named after Commander Walter Scott, the first Honorary Organiser of the Trust, this is awarded to crew members under 16 years of age. It is given to those who have given of their best, proved to be reliable members of the crew and who are recommended to take part in further offshore sailing with the Project.