While our main focus is working with young people from all backgrounds, we also work with adults outside of the main Sail Training Voyages (STVs). These Voyages can vary in length from one day to one week. When we work with adults, we work with those who can benefit from the Sail Training experience, much in the same way as young people do.


Sailing for Mental Health

The Project runs voyages for people with a range of mental health issues. Each year we run 3 voyages with the assistance of a national mental health charity. If you or someone you know might benefit from a therapeutic voyage, implemented by people with experience of working with people with mental health issues, please call Ann or Brid in confidence on 01489 885098 for more information. 


Special Needs

Voyages for both adults and young people with learning difficulties are also an important part of the charity. The Project is the second largest provider of offshore sailing in the UK for people who are deaf, visually impaired, who have severe learning difficulties, or who have serious illness. The Crews take part in all aspects of the voyage from sail handling and helming, to cooking and cleaning.

The Project has established a large network of working relationships with schools, local probation and social services, youth groups, and special needs organisations throughout the UK, who help recruit our trainees.

These Voyages, whether a day or more, are run in exactly the same way as our standard 6-day Coyages as well as being fun, exhilarating and challenging. 

We can cater for groups and individuals with a range of disabilities, including the Gemini Project. If you have further questions, please call us to discuss your needs. 


Recovery Voyages

In association with Phoenix-Futures we have embarked on an initiative to run Voyages for people in recovery from substance misuse. While these Voyages are mainly targeted at adults in recovery, we also work with young people with a range of similar issues, in line with the therapeutic community (TC) model employed by Phoenix-Futures.  We also do special 'refits' with Phoenix-Futures volunteers, which are very much in line with the TC model.

The first year of the partnership has been extremely successful, this is due to the hard work of both Phoenix Futures and the Rona Sailing Project. We believe the clients come away with a sense of, Purpose, Community, Support, Direction, Responsibility and Achievement -as a result of the voyages.
— Stuart Plant, Service User Involvement Manager, Phoenix-Futures