Exciting developments at RSP HQ

John Willment Marine, the owners of Universal Marina where we are based on the Hamble, have continued their record of being ideal landlords from our point of view. A year or so ago they suggested that we should move out of our existing shed space, half of Hangar One, into a new self-contained shed of the same size. The new shed, Hangar Zero, will be built over the next few months, ready for the start of our winter 2016/2017 refit. It will be accessed as at present from the workshops, but in the opposite direction from now. The workshops, crew room and office remain where they are. We have now signed a lease for the premises we will occupy, which was offered on terms about which we didn't need to think for very long. The new lease gives us security of tenure until at least November 2026. We are most grateful to Avia Willment and the staff at Universal Marina for the way in which they continue to support the Project.

Brid Barrett


It is great to see 'The Project’ RSP build year on year and the positive impact that this has on so many people’s lives, old and young able and not so able bodies. We hope that having a draught free, temperature controlled 21st. Century Hangar will take them to the next level. The incredible support and number of people visiting and involved with the Project will have a dedicated centre that reflects their incredible professionalism and passion for the sea the yachts and the people they support and work with. For everyone involved the new dedicated centre for RSP is a great improvement. Looking forward to the next 10 years.

Avia Willment