RDV 2017 overall results

RDV 2017 Leg 5 results are in and Rona II was raced well by her crew achieving 1st in fleet on elapsed time and 1st in class C/D on corrected time. We were also awarded the Fleet Media Prize.

The Rendez Vous 2017 Campaign was a huge success for the Rona Sailing Project and the campaign team lead by Gareth Parker (pictured below being held by his crew)

Rona II, achieved first in class C/D in the overall 2017 Series and a special commendation as one of only four vessels to complete the entire RDV 2017 race series.

Huge congratulations to everyone who sailed on Rona II and to all the many volunteers who contributed to the overall campaign, you have done yourselves and the Rona Sailing Project proud.

RII final.jpg