Sail 4 Cancer is a group which takes young people with cancer or those recovering from cancer sailing with other young people in the same situation.


Gemini is a project within the Project. It began in 1986 in recognition of the need to take people with severe learning difficulties to sea, thereby helping build their self-confidence in a challenging environment.

Deaf Voyages

We are very fortunate to have a number of volunteers within the Project who are excellent signers, some of whom have hearing impairment themselves.

Lord Wilson Academy

This secondary school, based in Sarisbury Green, was established in 1996 to educate and support boys with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. We work with the school, to improve their students' academic and social outcomes, through a range of initiatives including sailing and work experience placements.

Portsmouth Scouts

We have established strong links with the Portsmouth Scouts, who usually sail with us early in the season. The group Voyages are made of local scouts from a range of backgrounds.

St. John's School - Leatherhead

St John's School have been sailing with us for a number of years and enjoy the trips immensely. Many of their students come back and sail on other STVs and also as Watch Leaders.

Home-schooled youngsters

Those who have sailed with us and who are home-schooled have found the experience to be hugely beneficial. We can take groups or individuals on sail training voyages. Contact us if you have any questions.