This year we pushed the boundaries and took clients from our Young People’s Service on the Voyage of Recovery, and it’s fair to say that everyone had their highs and lows however, the togetherness and support that the young people offered each other during the voyage was fantastic. I’ve been involved with the voyage from the start and seen people change whilst at sea however, the Young People seemed to do more than that, they truly flourish in that environment.

An amazing voyage with inspirational people.
— Stuart Plan, Phoenix Futures

The Voyages

We have three Sail Training yachts, between 62 and 75 feet in length (19 to 23 metres) that have been designed and fitted out by us specifically for Sail Training. Each is crewed by a highly experienced volunteer Afterguard and a crew of 12 to 15 young people in 2 age groups; 14 and 15 year olds and 16 to 19 year olds.

Our aim is not to produce sailors, but more rounded individuals able to work in a team and discover their potential. What many youngsters who come sailing with us find is that the biggest challenge is working in a team, not just to sail the boat, but to cook and clean as well.

Whilst you are on board there is plenty to learn and do and it is hard but rewarding work. Whether it is the excitement of steering a large and powerful yacht under full sail, navigating using the latest satellite systems or preparing a meal for 20 hungry crew-mates, it will all be a new adventure.