See what people say about sailing with us

Nearly 98% of the trainees in 2015 said they would recommend us to a friend!

It was a thumpin’ good trip 5*’!!’
— 2015 Trainee
I had a different son walk through the door after a weeks residential (with Rona). He is much nicer to spend time with and gets into a lot less trouble in school
— A happy Hampshire parent
Our voyage on Donald Searle was absolutely fantastic -everyone who can, whether experienced sailor or committed landlubber, should take the opportunity to go on a Rona voyage; it will change your life!

Thank you all again for a brilliant experience - the students have been enthusing about it continuously since we got back and the staff at all levels have really noticed a difference in them all.
— Humphry Davy School, Penzance
For me this was my first experience of such sailing and I am hooked, I loved every minute of it and indeed all of the young people told me that they too loved the experience. I was very proud of how the crew, most of whom knew only one other person at the start, came together and worked so well as a team. None of this would have been possible without the guidance of the wonderful Afterguard - everyone was magnificent.
— David, Youth Leader, Portsmouth
I know that this was a real challenge and a fantastic experience for our students. Without the commitment from generous individuals, who go above and beyond, exceptional experiences and opportunities would not happen. It is participating in achievements like this that make the difference in a young person’s life, never to be forgotten.
— Stuart Parker-Tyreman, Head Teacher LWS Academy Trust