Every year, the Rona Sailing Project takes more than six hundred young people to sea for a week of offshore sailing adventure and teamwork in our three purpose-built Sail Training yachts.

Most people come to us with little or no sailing experience, but nearly all find it a life-changing experience.

At the end of a Sail Training Voyage, we will have:

  • Created a sense of achievement
  • Built the self-confidence of our young crew
  • Developed teamwork and leadership skills
  • Demonstrated the value of cooperation over conflict

We will also have provided positive role models for young people, encompassing:

  • Maturity
  • Leadership
  • Resourcefulness
  • Effective communication

Medium of the sea

We use the medium of the sea because it is an unforgiving natural environment that provides a sense of risk and adventure. We use large sailing vessels because they require hard physical work and cannot be sailed without teamwork, both on deck and down below.

All of this builds self-discipline, teamwork skills, and tolerance. If this sounds all too good to be true, a recent independent study into Sail Training around the world, which included one of our yachts, confirmed the value of Sail Training in exactly these areas.

A lifetime's experience

The 'experience of a lifetime' can become a 'lifetime's experience' by volunteering with us. We also give those with leadership potential the opportunity to gain qualifications to become Watch Leaders. From here, if they want to continue sailing with us, and give something back to society, they can join our group of volunteers, our Afterguard. They can become Watch Officers, then Mates and ultimately Skippers.

Currently over 60% of our 60 volunteer Skippers started as Trainees on our boats.

Tall Ships Races

Every year we enter one boat in the European Tall Ships Races and every 10 years in the Transatlantic Tall Ships Races. Our crews are selected from those Trainees who have been given an Amory Award, the criteria for which is that they have sailed on a Sail Training Voyage and have:

  • Given of their personal best (whatever this level may be)
  • Proved to be a keen and reliable member of the crew