Going on a Sail Training Voyage with the Rona Trust allows our students to become involved in an adventurous journey, which in turn gives them the opportunity to learn new skills, grow in confidence and to experience new and different places. they also learn how to live and work as part of a team.
— MARDY SMITH, New College Worcester

Please read the Youth Leaders and Parents Guidebook, which contains the following information:

  • Introduction
    Details of your son or daughter’s trip. Voyage details. Travel arrangements
  • Contact details
    Emergencies. Children and young person’s safety and wellbeing
  • The Rona Sailing Project
    Who are we? Operational structure, assessments and qualifications. The yachts. The Voyages. Hygiene. Safety equipment. Communications and Emergency Procedures. Behaviour. Safety and welfare policy. Insurance
  • Your Sail Training Voyage
    What is included. Travel. Arrival. Safety
  • Before your young person travels
    Personal details. Swimming. What to bring. What not to bring. Lost property. Pocket money. Passports

See also Guidance for adults with groups.

Please contact us if you need more information.